The items mentioned in the video are these:

Sawyer Water Filter Bottle - $40
These filters are awesome. They do need to be backwashed from time to time (more often if you are using really dirty water). Their biggest weakness is that they should NEVER be allowed to freeze as this can shatter the filter and render it useless. 

Sawyer also sells a complete kit for attaching a filter to a 5 gallon bucket (includes the filter), which is a solution more appropriate for filtering water for family needs inside the home. Since clean water is needed for nearly all sanitation tasks, you should plan to have a way to generate plenty of clean water. 

Sawyer Mini Water Filtration - $20
I haven't tested this unit yet; but apparently it's the exact same technology as the above filter. I fully trust it, and I'm planning to buy one for my "crash bag".

AA Steripen - $40
This is a really neat idea, and is a decent option for some tasks. Downsides are that it uses batteries, is somewhat fragile, and can't hand dirty water. That said, it will kill viruses, which the above Sawyer filter won't take out.

HTI XPack - $35 (used to be $60)
This (and some of HTI's other products) are probably the best water filtration solutions in the worlds. Only downside is the cost and the limited lifespan of the filter when in use. These units only come with a 10 day supply of sugar charges - but you CAN use other sugary syrups to cause the osmotic reaction to draw water through (I've heard that Coke syrup works). One of the guys that works for HTI also told me that the 10 day filter has been used all the way out to over a month.