Website: Art of the Rifle Blog

Several years ago I stumbled on an unpretentious site called The author has set out to master the rifle (or come as close as humanly possible). He's analytical, disciplined, and a good writer. His posts mostly focus on bolt action rifle craft (much carries over to semi-auto rifles), but there's a smattering of other gun or freedom related content. When I first discovered the site I spent a number of hours reading through all the archived posts, which was well worth it.

To get you started, here's some noteworthy posts of his:

Why the Rifle? - An explanation on why riflecraft is important

Rifle Ten: A test of rifle skill devised by Jeff Cooper

The Snapshot (and follow up post) - Goal: "a hit on a 4″ target from 25 yards in under 1.5 seconds"

And lastly, look over the Reference Section for a lot of his articles grouped by content type. Enjoy!