Weapon Systematization

How to use this series
My goal in writing this document was to provide a way for individuals to identify gaps in their own knowledge and abilities, specifically in relation to firearms used as weapons.
I’ve talked to a lot of people who may have a degree of mastery with a firearm in one small area, and therefore seem to assume they are competent to use almost any weapon in a life and death situation.
Many of these people haven’t even mastered basic weapons safety, frequently pointing their weapons in unsafe directions and using the trigger as convenient resting place for their trigger finger.

This document describes, roughly in sequence, the disciplines to be mastered in order to effectively use a firearm as a weapon. Each entry describes the requirement, the purpose of the requirement, a means to evaluate proficiency, and (for some entries) ways to improve proficiency or places to look for help.

Your goal as your read through these points of competency should be able to claim a degree of mastery for each and every one. You should be able to read and honestly check off each one - and in some cases, check off multiple weapon types. Some items may be measurable in time or group size or both. Your goal should be to shrink these numbers.
However, the further down the document you go the harder it is to quantify or claim mastery. You may also find it necessary to add requirements to the list of skills.
This document is not the final word on fighting with firearms - it’s an overview summary and foundation. Add to it.

The final section of this series consists of areas of study that should be pursued - this is hard to quantify, but your goal should be to know your stuff and be able to teach others the content and ideas. If you can do that you have achieved a level of mastery.

This document is divided into several groups of skills:

  • Safety
  • Manual of Arms
  • Shooting Proficiency
  • Fighting with a Firearm
  • Working and Fighting as a Team
  • Knowledge and Philosophy

These groups of skills are largely dependent on preceding groups of skills. Please DO NOT attempt to jump ahead - go ahead and read the whole document, but honestly asses your development and don’t advance until you are truly qualified.