Ferguson Update

It looks like Ferguson Missouri is going to be back in the news again, perhaps in just a little over a week. Here's three news stories of note (and my conclusions):

Anonymous has released a statement, based on several sources of information close to the Grand Jury, stating that Darren Wilson (who shot Mike Brown) is not going to be indicted - they claim the decision will be announced "on or about November 10, 2014".

They also claim that "All local police Chiefs and jail commanders have been notified to begin preparing for major civil unrest." 

In this next article, businesses owners talk of the losses they have suffered. It's been a rough couple months for them; the violence and continued rioting has caused dramatic losses in sales.

Lastly, a CNN Law Enforcement Analyst had this to say, when asked if the people in Ferguson had the potential to "overheat" if there was no indictment:

“Oh, they’re gonna overheat. That would be absolutely true… Whether [Police Chief Thomas Jackson] resigns or is fired, won’t matter at the end of the day if Wilson isn’t arrested, prosecuted, and jailed for shooting Michael Brown. Nothing less will appease anybody. You have members of the community and other leaders saying statements in the press like, “There will be carnage. There will be violence. There will be destruction.” And they’re saying not just in Ferguson, but across the country in other African-American communities.”

His advice? “The police better be planning and they better be stocking up, because they’ve been told this is gonna happen.”

My advice, especially if you are in a city with an ethnically diverse population? Plan and stock up (if you haven't already). It doesn't need to be radical (I'm not advocating razor wire or anything), but definitely reduce your need to go out by stocking a couple weeks of essentials, and make sure you have at least a couple serviceable weapons. Adding some less lethal capability might also be a good idea. 

Another idea to consider: maybe you aren't in an area likely to see civil disorder. But do you have friends or family in that kind of location? I have an acquaintance that lives in Ferguson (cops told them they really need to move, and they have been working on it) - if things start getting ugly where your friends live you may want to make a plan to either go in and help them evacuate or better secure their home or business. 

It's a fairly well known fact that during the LA Race Riots the Koreans defended their businesses. What's not as well known is that in many cases the groups defending stores didn't even really know the owner. Their countrymen were in danger and so they came to their aid. Christians should give this some thought. Nehemiah 4 deals with this sort of problem (murderous civil disorder) and shows how it can be succesfully dealt with.