CDC updates PPE recommendations.

A doctor just forwarded me an email he got from a State Health Commission. Basically, the CDC is updating their recommendations on PPE for treating Ebola infected patients. Here the CDC link. 

Big new change? "Principle #2: No skin exposure when PPE is worn"

Ever since I've been looking at how doctors treat Ebola patients and what PPE they wear I've been amazed that they mostly just wear goggles and a mask - that leaves a fair bit of skin exposed real close to a lot of mucous membranes. 

Now, I do think that goggles and a mask can still work provided you aren't dealing with a patient that has explosive diarrhea or vomiting.  The CDC says the shields should be disposable, but that may not be a realistic requirement outside of a fully funded hospitals. Another potential solution are workplace face shields - they run $15 and up and are typically made to stand up to extended use.